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Why Do Professionals Rent Furnished Apartments?

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Most professionals who travel for business prefer to lease furnished apartments as opposed to other short-term alternatives for several of reasons. The main reason of course is professionals are on temporary assignments and don’t have many options to start with. Landlords in general prefer long-term lease commitments which traveling professionals cannot agree to. Often business travelers, consultants and project managers don’t know what their schedules are going to look like beyond a few months. Their work in the area may conclude much sooner than scheduled or plans may change unexpectedly and they may have to move on to another city. This means the business traveler has to be flexible and be able adjust on short notice. However this also doesn’t mean business travelers should sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a home away from home and elect to stay in a cramped hotel. Read the rest of this entry »

Moving In The Military

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The issues Military families face with providing housing for their families are many. With every tour there is the question of whether to purchase a house or apartment, or to rent these accommodations. With the average tour being 18-36 months; is purchasing a good option?

If one purchased a home in Norfolk Virginia during the housing boom prior to 2008 when housing prices were soaring; would it be underwater today now that the housing bubble burst and home prices and property values have tanked? Some housing values continue to fall and military families can expect to sell their home for less than what’s owed on it. Like thousands of service members many are looking to move across country this year per military’s order. Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of Furnished Apartments For Travel Nurses

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When travel nurses find themselves in need of temporary locations to live, leasing furnished apartments can offer many benefits. Renting a hotel room is usually more expensive. Many cities have limits on how long a person can reside in a hotel. Hotels are usually one room, some have an adjoining room with a sitting area if its a nicer hotel. These hotel rooms do not have the home away from home feel or offer the amenities travel nurses are used to when living at home. There generally are no cooking facilities in hotel rooms. Renting a furnished apartment with all of the amenities such as a full size kitchen, a bedroom, a living room stocked with all the necessities is much more comfortable for medical travelers and far less expensive too.

The most problematic part of being away from home is that nothing is available when you need it. Your house is stocked with everything you need and is placed in a convenient location for use. A sewing needle or pair scissors is nowhere to be found in a hotel room, the rooms are way too small and confining for anything but sleeping. There is very little privacy because there is a room right next door and you always enter through a lobby. When leasing a furnished apartment these issues don’t exist. A furnished apartment is set up just like a normal house or apartment. There is a living room, bedroom, full size kitchen stocked with all the necessities a travel nurse would need. Read the rest of this entry »