What Is Furnished NATO Housing?

NATO Housing

The term “Furnished NATO Housing” is used to refer to a fully furnished apartment or house. These fully furnished units go by many titles; Extended Stay Housing, Corporate Apartment, Furnished Off Base Housing or simply furnished apartments .

Even though there is different terminology, each basically mean the same thing and there are basic expectations and responsibilities when it comes to leasing any unit regardless of what its called.

When someone is on business travel, military travel, or relocating on temporary assignment these types of housing are often an ideal choice. Especially when the length of stay is not immediately known or the stay is longer than a few weeks. The cost is typically more than an unfurnished residence, but once you factor in the cost of renting or purchasing furniture the overall price is quite comparable. Another important factor is someone else doing all the leg work for you.

So what should you expect when you lease an extended stay apartment? Basically you can expect it to be like a home away from home that has all the comforts and amenities that you’re accustomed to. There will be a living space with ample seating, lighting, coffee table and pictures. It will also have a modern television with cable access and video player. Some units have plants and wall decorations. The dining areas will have a table that comfortably seats a number of guests. The kitchens are fully stocked with all the basic necessities you need to prepare a meal. There will be place settings usually for four or more people including: glassware, knives, forks, mixing bowls, containers, coffer maker, toaster, and dish towels are provided in each unit.

The bedroom and bathrooms in extended stay apartments are also supplied with all the necessities. Each bedroom will have a bed, dresser, night stand with a lamp and alarm clock, sheets, pillows with pillow cases, blankets and comforters, an iron with ironing board and clothes closet with hangers. The bathroom will have towels, a floor mat, shower curtain and toilet tissue. Usually the renter only needs to bring their own clothes and food; everything else is provided. You just walk in and start living.

Utilities are also included in the lease; electric, gas, and water. What is not included but may be provided upon request is house cleaning services. Package delivery is usually provided and many times there is someone on the premises to sign for special deliveries.

All the previously mentioned furnishing and amenities give a very good idea of what extended stay apartments or furnished housing is; but what does the tenant have to provide? Since the units come complete with everything you need, the tenant has to merely read the contract carefully to see what becomes their responsibility in the event something should happen to any of the furnishings during ones stay in the apartment. More than likely it will be the tenant’s responsibility to replace anything damaged during their stay. Damage is anything beyond normal wear and tear.

Many people confuse extended stay hotels and furnished apartments. Extended stay hotels often have limits on how long a guest can reside there. Extended stay hotels are usually a single room with a refrigerator and a mini-stove. They are set up to accommodate a single person with one place setting, one fork, one knife, and one spoon; far short of a complete apartment or a home away from home.

Understanding and knowing this information in advance can help the prospective tenant appreciate what furnished housing and corporate apartments are all about and enable them to choose the right place to stay.

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