Benefits of Furnished Apartments For Travel Nurses

Travel Nurse Norfolk

When travel nurses find themselves in need of temporary locations to live, leasing furnished apartments can offer many benefits. Renting a hotel room is usually more expensive. Many cities have limits on how long a person can reside in a hotel. Hotels are usually one room, some have an adjoining room with a sitting area if its a nicer hotel. These hotel rooms do not have the home away from home feel or offer the amenities travel nurses are used to when living at home. There generally are no cooking facilities in hotel rooms. Renting a furnished apartment with all of the amenities such as a full size kitchen, a bedroom, a living room stocked with all the necessities is much more comfortable for medical travelers and far less expensive too.

The most problematic part of being away from home is that nothing is available when you need it. Your house is stocked with everything you need and is placed in a convenient location for use. A sewing needle or pair scissors is nowhere to be found in a hotel room, the rooms are way too small and confining for anything but sleeping. There is very little privacy because there is a room right next door and you always enter through a lobby. When leasing a furnished apartment these issues don’t exist. A furnished apartment is set up just like a normal house or apartment. There is a living room, bedroom, full size kitchen stocked with all the necessities a travel nurse would need.

The kitchen is the most important room for a medical traveler that is away from home and it needs to be fully functional with tableware, pots, pans, silverware, glassware, serving utensils and storage containers. All the utensils needed for food preparation and cooking is provided when leasing a furnished apartment, so there is no need to go out every day to purchase meals. Purchasing food at a grocery store and being able to store it in your furnished apartment is a lot less costly and more healthy too. Some of the amenities one can expect is a refrigerator, stove, oven, toaster, coffee maker, and microwave. The only thing the travel nurse has to provide is the food they like to eat.

The next most important room is the living room and it is usually furnished with a comfortable couch, chairs, coffee table and a large screen television with cable. Wireless high-speed internet service for easy web surfing is provided. The bedrooms depending on the apartment configuration will be one, two or three bedrooms are supplied with comfortable mattresses, alarm clocks, side tables, lamps, pillows, blankets and comforters. The apartments can have a washer and dryer or there will be a laundry facility on the premises. A cleaning service can usually be provided upon request.

The beauty of renting an extended stay apartment or furnished apartment is that it is very simple. All of the details are worked out by the provider; all you have to do is say what your needs are and everything is supplied. The only detail you need to focus on is the contracting specifics and ensuring you’ve made a good selection with a caring provider. Payment is a simple process too; many locations will allow you to use a credit card as a security deposit so there is no need to provide a lot of upfront cash. So furnished apartments are the perfect arrangement for travel nurses in Norfolk or any city.

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