Apartment Living: Hidden Costs Revealed

hidden cost in apartment livingStaying in an apartment can be expensive. You’ve got monthly bills, and variable costs depending on your type of living. These are costs you are aware of so you’ll have a chance to prepare for it. What if it is beyond your knowledge? You can’t solve something that you don’t know about. When you are staying in apartment get yourself a sneak with all the other costs not boldly seen.

Other Bills

It isn’t really shocking that petty expenses like phone bills, Internet bills, water bills, electric bills and other bills will be accumulated in large sum of amount. You think your monthly bill take it all? That’s way behind the actual cost you may incur especially if you are just the one paying the expenses, yet many of you are using the facilities.

On the other hand some apartments may offer all in package for an apartment wherein the monthly rent fees cover other expenses. However, this is rare since usage of variable expenditures will vary by person. Also, there might be some miscellaneous expenses the landlord will charge you. Beware of it. So, limit your consumption and research well on how much it would cost you in a month for all other expenses.

Renting an Extra Room for Storage

Some apartments provide closets with little space. If you’ve got lot of stuffs and it can’t fit into one closet, you would think of getting an off site storage room wherein you’ve got to pay for extra rent fee. Some landlords provide an extra room in the apartment but it will mean additional cost in your monthly rents.

Parking Spaces

If you don’t have a car, of course this won’t be a problem. But if you have one you will be needing a parking space. Some apartments don’t really have enough space that can be used for parking. So you’ll need to pay for a permit for parking maybe in the street or in some lawn in your apartment’s area.

Transportation Expenses

Whether you own a car or not you’ve got to spend on your transportation. Gas prices change from time to time so you must know to limit usage. If you are using bus or cab going in the town, keep your budget tight and always incorporate transportation expenses in your monthly budget.


When you are living in an apartment you would be sharing a communal laundry room that will make you pay for several dollars per load when washing your clothes. Add to it your expenses for detergents, bleach, soap, etc,.


It might be included in your budge but really its a way different in actual spending for grocery. So when you are allocating your budget, give extra budget for food. Don’t forget snacks and time to time chatting with coffee in some bars or restaurants. If you’re not sensitive enough about it, you’ll just be shocked of the havoc it created on your budget.

Do you think you are prepared for that? Apartment living shouldn’t be underestimated as it may cause troubles in your budget and expenses. Always consider other expenses because upfront payment can be less than what it will actually cost when you are living in an apartment.

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