Move in Towards a Green Living

green apartmentOur style defines the kind of personality we have. What we wear, or how we style ourselves directly reflects who we are. Let’s face it, we are living in the world where in people judge us first of our physical attribute, while others choose to dig and unleavened the cloth we use to cover our being.

Our home is the reflection of ourselves, from the very small details up to the crucial one. When we talk about home, it does not necessarily mean that we owned it, because at times circumstances would not permit it as there are many people living comfortably in an apartment.

There are cases when the landlord permits some alteration in the design and furnishing of the apartment for the renters desire. If you happen to be one of those fortunate people to enjoy such privilege, and you wanted to design it according to your desire, then be it. If you are an eco-friendly or environmentally conscious person and wanted to depict such style in your apartment, then you are in the right material.

Here are the simple tips to transform your apartment into green without spending much of your budget. All you need to have is a creative mind, and presto, in just a matter of days or so, you will have what you want.

  • Put in place a recycling area. You can make use of the available trash cans or simply plastic bags used in grocery items. You don’t need to spend hours in doing this, it’s easy and simple.
  • Choose to buy fluorescent lights. They usually consume small amount of electricity and they have a longer life span, so it’s really worth a buy.
  • Live in an apartment that is close to your place of work so that you can take a walk or use bike in getting there. However, if you are still hunting a job, look for a flat near the place where you applied for work. If possible, spot for a walking distance apartment from the actual work location.
  • Always switch off the lights in some areas of your apartment when you are not using it. Make it as your usual habit.
  • Unplug devices and appliances when not in use since they are still using energy even if they are turned off. Most of us may not be aware of this.
  • Look for items in used furniture stores for furnishings. Definitely, you will find great things which you can use in your apartment with a lesser costs.
  • Make use of extra lot outside your apartment if there is available, plastic pots are also useful. Plant flowers or vegetables to add green in your surroundings. Small plant in a pot can also be displayed in table near the window.
  • Color your walls using paints with organic component since they are usually free from bad chemicals that is harmful to health.
  • Buy locally grown vegetables and fruits to avoid eating products with toxic pesticides. Organic foods sold locally are best for a safe daily consumption.
  • Eat healthy, relax and enjoy physical activities. This could be your first step to start a green living and eventually you will live it for a lifetime.

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