Apartment Painting Ideas: Brighten Your Space With Fascinating Colors

Cool painting can transform a room from bring usual and boring into a captivating space that could be the expression of a person living in it and the refection of one’s personality. The definite process of painting a particular space specially when it comes to an apartment area is easy. Thinking about the shades and locations to be painted is also very simple. Oftentimes, if you decide to repaint the area with common shades, it is also possible to paint the entire apartment with the paint color that you like.

Unique Strong Colors

Repainting the entire space of a room with a single strong paint shades is the best way to make a distinctive and extraordinary sense to the overall appearance of an apartment. If you decide to vary the paint colors in every room, just be certain that your choose colors that will compliment each other as it brings a necessary effect to the whole outlook of the area. For instance, a strong dark red shades painted in your living area would greatly compliment to a strong dark orange painted to your dining area. This is basically applicable to some areas that is visible from a particular area within your apartment. However, if a certain area is not directly visible from your living room which is commonly the place where everyone stays, you may use a dark yellow color in it. Paint shades that are adjacent on an color wheel usually compliment from each other.

One important thing to bear in mind is that painting a room with dark or heavy paint shades will need a number of coating to cover up the color when you decide to repaint the walls with its original color.

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Paint the Walls with Different Level of Shades

If you choose to paint your dining area with dark colors, try to put the same paint colors in another room but you can make it appear soft by combining the color with light paint colors. This is possible in painting wide walls where decorations are mounted like large photo frames or other pieces of arts, then painting the small walls, doors, or corners with lighter shades typically an interesting color choice.

Painting with Sponge

You may utilize sponge to spot paints in a plain painting of you wall. This is best to apply undercoat, however it could be more appealing and attractive when you use darker colors, then sponging the light colors that compliment to the existing color or any soft colors, over the dark one. You can purchase sponges intended for these purpose, but it could a bright idea to use kitchen sponges as an alternative.


Wainscoting are very common to most residential homes and this can also be effective in an apartment rooms. This process of painting is simply painting the lower part of the wall while putting decorative t plain wallpapers above it and highlighting it with a molding. In doing this, you will just draw a straight line on the wall dividing it into the upper and lower portion. You can paint the lower part with dark color and the lower part with the complimentary color. You can add more interesting colors by sponging the upper potion of the wall.

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