Storing Things Efficiently in a Small Living Space

Space is actually a big issue for most one-bedroom or studio apartments, which normally means integrated storage area has limitations or perhaps not available. To prevent from investing too much amount on expensive safe-keeping units, find for some means to provide enough storage space in your one-bedroom apartment without compromising beneficial ground space. In planning for a perfect safe-keeping alternatives, always consider the quantity and size of objects or items you require to store your things in place.

Small Space Organization Ideas for Apartment

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Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Whenever your place has an adequate vertical space, you may be able to set up high cabinets mounted on the wall for substantial storage area. If you have a lot of books, fond of collecting frames for some of your memorable photos, or perhaps other some other objects that could be an element for additional decorative concepts, it would be essential to let the cabinets wide open to display these items. However, if it is intended for boxes, canisters and some other unattractive objects, it would be better to set up linen curtains hanged from the ceiling covering the entire cabinets to cover up the objects and at the same time provide shades of color to your space. On the other way around, vertical cabinets can draw one’s attention upward, adding an observable height of the area and making an impression of a wider space.


Oftentimes a studio apartment consists of a lengthy entry way that is only intended for entering into the other areas of the place. Transform these entry ways to storage space by setting up a high, shallow cabinets by making use of the vertical space. You can use these cabinets in storing magazines, books, small objects or perhaps unused clothing and other personal things. You can also utilize attractive storage containers for compact items for an extra aesthetic effect. Put soft lightings in the place to enhance the physical look of the area and make it not to appear overcrowded.

Kitchen Materials

Storage space for kitchen materials are often minimal in studio types. In order to save space in your kitchen, prefer wall-mounting storage objects instead of cabinets for pots and cooking utensils. You can mount hooks on walls, then hang pots and pans on it and look for small racks for plates.

Dual Purpose Furnishings

For practicality sake, find furnitures that could serve as double purpose. When you want to buy a coffee table, consider those with a storage compartment below to store some of you important things. This is also applicable to seating furnitures which include shelving features underneath. With this, you will be able to utilize some other space which are supposed for these items.

Stacking Containers

Within the unusually designed spaces of the room, position stacking boxes or containers to enhance storage areas. Opt for durable and strong containers that can carry large amount of items and can withstand heavy objects in your room. When you often use these objects, you may be able to purchase heavy-duty drawers that can be stacked high and would appear as one storage system.

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