Important Notes to Follow Before Signing a Lease Agreement

Important Notes to Follow Before Signing a Lease AgreementMoving on in an apartment is quite a complicated process which requires not just the preparation of your luggages and fixing up of the essential things you want to bring in your next home, but also the settlement of the agreements necessary for your proper and legal transfer. This may seem obvious for those who have had an experience of being in an undesirable situation where it’s tough to decide for anything because there’s still an important something which is left hanging, and such usually is the lease agreement.

When you were not able to read and sign the said agreement, then you really have no right yet to live in peace with the landlord; this is, apparently, your key in opening the door of your safety from legal consequences and matters related to the payment for and policies in the apartment. Likewise, in the agreement, you’ll be able to know if you made the excellent choice for a certain apartment; hence, you can compare it with other apartment offerings, and decide whether to accept the conditions or not before you can waste money if otherwise you continue and just accept your mistake. Nevertheless, this is the fact commonly overlooked by the renters; it may be because of their excitement or just for the reason of ignorance. In any case, you should not allow yourself to be deluded by what is usually practiced; neither of the reasons you have can rightfully justify your regrets. Thus, to be a responsible and wise renter, you should always remember the following notes before signing a lease agreement:

  • Do not Pay for Anything when You’re Uncertain – if you’re skeptic about the apartment itself or the terms and/or conditions of the owner, then better for you to think carefully before you spend money for anything. For instance, if you can’t take a certain rule as to the schedule of payment, then you may either reject it from your lists of choices, or negotiate with the management to modify it for your benefit. Otherwise, you may also ask consideration from the landlord to give you ample time in deciding whether or not to accept his offer. Nevertheless, don’t stretch the time just for the sake of your doubt because that can cause your disadvantage when the apartment has already been acquired by the others.
  • Calculate and Compare the Costs – it’s not just about the monthly cost of the apartment, but also other expenses from the facilities such as electrical devices that you’re using. You can anticipate the total cost, but to be safe, it’s better to ask the management or your neighbor about how much you can possibly spend in a month when you live there. Although it may depend on the kind of living that you have or your habits, this matter is still essential insofar as your budget is concerned. Hence, when you know that it’s far from what your pocket can handle, then find another one; anyway, only your budget is limited, and not your choices.
  • Know Your Obligation in Any Transaction – is it required of you to pay for a certain document that needs not only your signature, but also registration fee? Or do you have to pay for an apartment finder? These are just an example of the things you have to be clarified of before making any transaction which is not for free.
  • Evaluate the Proposed Agreement – does the agreement suit your need? Or does it consider your rights? If it does, then that could be a good option for you. But, you still need to be aware about some ambiguous terms which are included in the agreement; you have to clarify them with the landlord or a lawyer before you sign the contract. You may also compare it with the agreement you have previously taken, or with that of your friends or someone who is also living in an apartment.
  • Investigate the Reputation of the Landlord or the Company – this maybe one of the most essential things you should never forget; otherwise, you would not know that you will be contracting with a monster. Ask your neighbors about the attitude of the landowner or the practices of the company towards his clients, and whether or not he follows what he promised or included in the agreement. If the comments are negative, then what’s the point of playing your trust with a person not worthy of your time and money?

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