What Rights Do You Have as A Renter?

rights as a renter

If you’re dwelling in an apartment for months or years now, or just planning to rent one, then one essential matter which is of significance to your stay or plan is to know what rights do you have as a tenant in a home which is not yours. Would you also pay to secure your privacy or comfortable living? Okay, it might be strange for you, but almost nothing today is not free even your convenience in expressing your thoughts and acting the way you really are without expense or criticism. You might have gone through this, or may still be experiencing such unfavorable case if your rights as a renter are suppressed from the beginning until the end of your stay.

But, what rights are we talking about here? Aren’t those the one you have agreed upon with the owner or landlord in a lease agreement? Well, your contract might have covered some of your rights, but usually, it includes only the rules or policies set by the owner for his own benefits without primarily considering your needs. Did he cover in the agreement that no one should not violate your right to safe living? Of course, not. Right? Though it may seem inherent and implicit, it is still one critical thing which you should clarify and ensure before you enter your signature in a contract and starts packing up your properties to live in a new place. But what are your rights as a renter, anyway? You may be one of those who cannot invoke their rights because, in the first place, they don’t know even one of them. Thus, the following generally accepted renter’s rights are provided for your benefit:

  • Right to a Safe and Secured Living Room – you pay for your space not to have a dreadful stay, but forthwith, to have safe and secured room which could serve your need without any harm. Thus, if you observe something wrong in your room which was not brought up to you by the landlord, or is totally different from the security features you have read in the agreement, then, immediately, ask and clarify the owner for such concern. For instance, when your room has no fire extinguisher or fire exit, then you can ask him to provide you, or if possible, transfer to better rooms. In case he fails to do so, then you can reimburse your payment and find another apartment; but if he refuses, then you better ask for police assistance or call the concerned agency to resolve your problem and teach the landlord a lesson that he deserves.
  • Right to Privacy – this right is inherent the moment you pay for your private space, and if it’s not respected by the owner, then what’s the point of staying in his apartment ? Hence, even if the maintenance staff cannot not enter your room without getting first your permission, but if the management rules allow them to do so, then the only solution is to talk with the owner or manager and request for what you want it to be. Yet, you can likewise complain to the owner about the undesirable behavior of the apartment employees towards your privacy, or other concerns related therewith.
  • Right to Assistance and Repairs – if something in your room needs repair, then you can ask assistance from the management to have it fixed for you, but you may hardly do so when you were the cause why such property got damaged. Nevertheless, if you receive no response after proper requests have been made, then you can have such instance documented for legal purposes, or take it as compelling basis for you to move out immediately.
  • Right to Peaceful Environment – when the noise of your neighbors is already unbearable, then you may report it to the management for proper action. Though it may seem personal, but you should never hesitate to do so; otherwise, you’ll be letting other people to abuse your patience, and tolerate the owner in not performing his duty for his tenants. However, if you’re thinking of confronting your neighbor, then just be professional in doing so to avoid argument. But you should bear in mind that there are some stimuli which are beyond your control, and if those are the causes of your restless days, then better to evict yourself sooner than the day which your landlord is expecting.
  • Right to Review the Lease Agreement – don’t sign for something which you don’t understand, nor agree with the terms when your thought is full of disagreement. This should be your guide in signing a lease agreement; you first have to review everything to ensure that you are not signing for your own disadvantage. If there’s something you don’t understand, then it’s better for you to have a counsel to avoid legal consequences which may arise after you discovered that you’ve signed something just because you misunderstood it – such justification is immaterial when you’re already defending your stand in the court.

Definitely, you need not to pay a cent for your rights to be protected; all you have to do is to give fair value on your expense by exercising them at the right time and place… But, in any moment of the day, if you choose SandyBay Apartments, nothing and no one can violate your rights. You can also know more about Norfolk Off Base Apartment. So contact us today!

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