Is Your Apartment Ready For Winter?

Norfolk Short Term Housing - sandybayapartmentTime flies so fast that sometimes you cannot even notice how things change and you’ve got no opportunity to look backward to the previous deeds you’ve unconsciously done while being in the apartment; it’s as if every day is a moment of recollection and hope that you try to hold a millisecond just to let no joyful moment passed without painting a smile in your face and a valuable memory in your mind. But have you ever wondered why it seems so instant when you’re in the state of happiness, and too slow when you’re at the stage of sorrow and madness? Just like during the winter months that every cold and romantic moment rolls in a blink of an eye, and you’re impotent to freeze it and extend the relaxing atmosphere which you might wish to have no end.

Well, nothing could lead to an end if you know how to live continually with the same aura as you had at the first day of your stay. Hence, you can always be consistent with your excitement by making everything ready for a new time with new temperature and state of mind. You simply have to prepare your apartment before the chilly winds knock on your snowy door; here’s how you can easily and aesthetically do it:

  • Winterize Your Fireplace – the fireplace is an important area which you should prepare before the winter; otherwise you’ll be freezing yourself not just with a cold temperature, but also with boredom. You can crank up a warm fire and just turn down the thermostat to set the atmosphere you wish while saving budget. Nevertheless, when setting-up this place, you have to be very careful for, if not, it can “burn” your life before the cold months end. Hence, if you notice something wrong with the place, then inquire or seek assistance immediately from the manager.

  • Inspect Your Smoke Detector – this is your way in ensuring your safety while warming the entire place. If it’s functioning well, then have your fire extinguisher checked. It’s just a simple initiative but it could save your life from fire hazards.

  • Cover Your Windows – covering or insulating your windows with materials that can help neutralize the cold temperature is really necessary during winter. Yet, you may also utilize heavy drapery around your windows to economize your heating cost.

  • Use Your Thermostat Wisely – you may wish to have your thermostat set in high degree to make the whole place even warmer, but it’s not economy-wise for you’ll be having more expense than what you might have expected. Thus, setting it in a lower degree yet the apartment still has balance temperature is really favorable to your budget and the environment.

  • Reverse Your Ceiling Fans – reversing your ceiling fans means helping your heating machines to keep your apartment warmer and more comfortable since they would push back the hot air that rises.
  • “Warm-up” Yourself – it does not mean burning yourself just to make the place warmer; you only need to have appropriate clothing that can make you feel comfortable or unaffected by the freezing temperature.

You still have ample time to make your apartment ready before the winter season comes, but if you want to feel like it’s already a cold moment to relax and refresh yourself, then the right apartment for you is the Norfolk Short Term Housing! Contact us, and you’ll discover how your relaxing time would fly so slow at the right place.



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