How to Decorate a Mini Studio Apartment

Sandy Bay ApartmentsDecorating a mini studio apartment is one challenging task for anyone who wishes to compress things in a limited space and to have the whole area maximized so as to serve different purposes. This is neither an ideal way of acquiring a relaxing stay nor a proper strategy to be practicable economically; but, nonetheless, it is still an option to save budget. Hence, it is just a matter of creativity for someone who is living in a small room to decorate and make it a larger and useful one.

Commonly, a studio apartment is a compacted place for sleeping, cooking, entertaining, etc. where a renter becomes a multi-tasker who can do a lot of things in a confined area. It is, however, apparent that, in some cases, the entire space looks like a storage corner because of the obsolete decorations and arrangement, and, thus, it serves as a blockage for the productivity and safety of the apartment dweller. The reason why, as a solution thereof, the following guides on the proper decoration of the aforementioned kind of apartment are provided:

  • Provide Sufficient Storage – having enough storage space in your apartment is one good thing that you must consider since it serves not only as a bin for unuseful materials, but also as your retrieval area where you can find the materials you might be using in the future. Yet, you can also utilize it in keeping unnecessary things which are contributory to your over-crowded area.

  • Hide Your Clutters – it is not good to see scattered things in one area for it makes the whole space more compressed. Hence, you should also have containers to have the clutters such as the old linens or clothes kept in, or, otherwise, you can hide them in one special corner where unuseful furniture and things are stored.
  • Illuminate the Entire Area – you can use mirrors to reflect light and make the whole area looks larger and safe to live in. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to have a lot of mirrors, you can employ modern tables and furnitures with glass or metals which can help maximize your apartment. Also note that it is not good to cover your windows with draperies and blinds which can make your room darker and looks so compressed.
  • Place Furniture in Rooms – it is always proper to have specific rooms for various furniture to avoid crowded arrangement in your apartment. For instance, you should put a dresser and bed in one area, and coffee table and sofa in another space. By so doing, you can ensure the inviting or attracting ambiance of your apartment.
  • Create Your Focus – if you have a focus in your apartment, you can ensure uniformity in the designs and styles in your furniture and decorative accessories. You may, thus, find it helpful to evaluate your preference so as you can efficiently decide on what you want to focus into.
  • Choose Furniture with Higher Legs –this is one technique in making your apartment visually larger; hence, when someone looks at under the furniture, there is a space which makes the area looks uncrowded.
  • Paint with Lighter Colors – in using lighter colors for your walls or furnitures, you can make your apartment looks larger than having dark colors which are neither good for space nor exquisite for the look of the entire place.

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